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Six dead, 31 missing after tourist boat in Colombia sinks

Six dead, 31 missing after tourist boat in Colombia sinks

Six dead, 31 missing after tourist boat in Colombia sinks

Guatape: At least six people were killed and 31 missing after a tourist boat sank in a warehouse in northwest Colombia, the president said on Sunday.

Authorities do not tell what led the Admirals four floors further down the reservoir of El Peñol in the tourist town of Guatapé, where domestic and foreign tourists spend pleasure cruises.

There are “six dead so far and 31 people missing,” Santos told reporters in Guatape, after the regional government has already given at least nine deaths.

An official of the national risk management unit, Carlos Ivan Marquez, confirmed the number of six separate AFPs. He said they were “all Colombians, no less.”
Regional officials said the ship carried 170 people, most of whom were rescued by other ships or escaped on their own.

“It sank very quickly,” he said. “It all happened in a matter of minutes,” said a fire department captain involved in the rescue efforts, Luis Bernardo Morales.

An army air force helicopter and two were aided in rescue operations, the army said.
The deposit is 68 kilometers (40 miles) from the city of Medellín and is one of the main tourist attractions of the department of Antioquia.

One woman who survived Laura Baquero said on television that the two lower decks were “too full” and that passengers were not wearing life jackets.
“We started to feel like the overturning of the ship,” he said.

She said there were “many children” on board.
Santos said he had been informed that “the ship had a capacity greater than the number of people on board, so it was not due to an overload” that sank.
He said naval experts had come to investigate the cause and divers continued to search for people throughout the night.

The regional government of Antioquia said on Twitter that 24 people trapped among the remains were treated at the hospital.
The video that circulates on social networks showed that the ship sank, and other dozens of ships approached to try to save people.

“What we have seen in the videos is that the ship was very close to the port … and we do not know if it was a mechanical failure, overload or something to do with the currents of the has been written,” said Morales, the captain of firefighters.

He said that the rescue teams were struggling to reach the road deposit due to heavy traffic on the Medellin-Bogota highway.

Guatape meets tourists during long weekends like this, because Monday is a British festival.
Visitors come for one or two hour cruises at the depot for fishing and water skiing.
The National Fire Service said it would send firefighters from six cities to help.
The mayor of Medellín, Federico Gutierrez, said he was sending a team led by a crew captain and five divers.

The mayor of Guatapé declared three days of mourning.

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10 things we know about Indrani Mukerjea

10 things we know about Indrani Mukerjea

10 things we know about Indrani Mukerjea

The old fat man of the media Indrani Mukerjea, accused of murdering his daughter Sheena Bora, are once again on the news. This time, she and some 200 other prisoners from the Mumbai Byculla jail were reserved for riots after the death of a convicted killer after the prison body is attacked. Ten things we know about Indrani:

Indrani Mukerjea reserved for “inciting riots” at Byculla jail in Mumbai
1. On April 24, 2012, former INX Media Director Indrani Mukerjea, ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna and driver Shyamwar Rai would have killed their daughter, Sheena Bora. They burned and threw the corpse into Raigad.

The murder came after Rai confessed three years later, in August 2015, when he was arrested in connection with a case of the Weapons Act. Khanna Indrani and were subsequently arrested.

All three are in custody. The trial begins on July 4. The Central Bureau of Investigations also arrested Indrani’s husband, Peter Mukerjea, as part of the case.

2. Sheena was the daughter of his first marriage Indrani. Indrani had a son, Mikhail, who was accused of trying to poison him during a visit to Mumbai, which the CBI has added a charge of attempted murder against him.

3. Indrani is the daughter of a well-known businessman in Guwahati. His 2002 marriage to Peter was his third. She was previously married to Sanjeev Khanna and before Siddharth Das, who is from Tripura. It is said that the DAS is the biological father of Sheena and Mikhail.
Police trial for murder Sheena Bora sit between Indrani Peter to prevent the fight

Sheena Bora murder was arrested to file a case, said the police
4. In January of this year, a special court of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has accused Indrani, Peter and Sanjeev Khanna murder, conspiracy, kidnapping, destruction of evidence and false information.

5. The court also charged Indrani, 45, for providing falsified documents. However, he withdrew charges of fraud, forgery of documents to deceive and cause injuries with a poison against the accused.

6. Rai offered to witness the continuation and was appointed responsible for approval. In his confession, which was recorded in Hindi, Rai told Indrani to contact him through his personal assistant, Kajal Sharma, the last week of March 2012. Said Indrani spoke to him on Skype and revealed his intention to kill Sheena and Mikhail.

7. Police found bone remains in a Raigad jungle. A DNA test confirmed that it was Sheena. Police seized an Indrani Worli residence bag, which they said was to be used to transport Mikhail’s body after being killed. The bag was sent for forensic analysis
Pedro and Indrani Mukerjea. (Photo Archive HT)
8. ICC officials said that Pedro and Indrani were equal participants in the conspiracy plotted to eliminate Sheena. Both were against their relationship with the son of Peter, Rahul.

The agency said that Peter and Indrani were constantly in touch by telephone, though Peter went to London. After they had disposed of Sheena’s body 25 August 2012 Indrani spoke to Peter for 15 minutes.

Call records (CDRs) obtained by the CBI show that Pedro and Indrani spoke for four minutes at 1:00 p.m., hours before the murder. They also exchanged messages. The IWC has identified up to 52 witnesses; Declarations on 38 are part of the additional charge sheet.

9. The IWC has also called Indrani and Peter in a criminal conspiracy case, the deception and bribery involving the son of former finance minister of the Union, Karti P Chidambaram.

In May this year, he said he knew Idrani Karti and his father, but denied the allegations. Karti would have facilitated the approval of the Council to promote foreign investment in the media when INX Mukerjeas were directors of the company.

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‘Awesomesauce,’ proclaims US astronaut on historic spacewalk outside ISS

“This is the point of connection of the component in the air block itself provides energy, oxygen, cooling water and lines of communication members both the crew then proceeds to the expectation of their time, fresh oxygen pre- Breathable in the same air furrow, “said Rob Navias, NASA commentator.

But the spacewalk was allowed to go ahead because according to NASA procedures, astronauts can share a functional SCP.

Walk of the space “speed”

Space walks usually last around six-thirty, but Friday was “shortened” due to delayed start, and lasted four hours and 13 minutes, Navias said.

The pair has completed all major jobs planned for the day, except for some minor tasks, he said.

The main job was to replace the Express Carrier Avionics or ExPCA call box.

It weighs 200 pounds (91 kilograms) on Earth and transmits data and commands to experiences inside the space station, Navias said.

“He exposed thermal problems late, so he replaced,” he said.

Fischer’s enthusiasm for the beauty of the earth beneath him was evident throughout the path in space.

“Oh, they’re my favorites. Wow, they’re so blue,” added the innovator Spacewalker, who uses the nickname “2Fish”.

Whitson, who was space career in the ninth of his career, often heard Fischer’s exclamations laugh.

She holds the record for most space walked by a woman and ranks fifth for the largest number of hours spent in space by an astronaut, with 57 hours and 35 minutes.

When the space walk came to an end, Whitson said it was “incredible” to have completed the space walk number 200 of the station.

“It’s a great honor to work with all of you.”

Space walk story

The first part of the International Space Station – a Russian module – was launched in 1998, and the first space walk ever made at the station took place in December of this year.

Today, the 100 billion orbital laboratory is about the size of a football field and a symbol of global cooperation among the 15 nations that have contributed to the construction and operation.

The station revolves around the Earth at a height of about 250 miles (400 kilometers), circling the planet every 90 minutes at a speed of about 17,000 miles (28,000 kilometers) per hour.

NASA has experienced a number of problems with water leaks inside the helmets of astronauts even in 2013, when water began to fill the Italian helmet Luca Parmitano, which forces him to short circuit his space walk and To reintegrate to the urgency in the space laboratory.

Bulky white space suits for the age of NASA and the same models were used for four decades.

Despite the problems that delayed the start of the space walk today Navias said that the costumes were carried out “flawless” on leaving.

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Carcass of mysterious creature discovered on Indonesia beach

People living near the beach on the island of Hulung Serum in Indonesia were shocked when they discovered a “giant corpse” of a mysterious animal came to shore, on 10 May. According to the information, the body was first seen by Asrul Tuanakota, 37, who also recorded several A videos and downloaded online.
A message from a Facebook Mbs Sangadji said “giant squid discovered by Asrul Tuanakota May 10, 2017, 09:00 EST The giant squid was blocked off the coast of Hulung Village, Kec Iha Huamual Kab Seram Bagian Barat … Maluku. This giant squid that measures 22 meters long, 4 m wide and weighs about 35 tonnes. It is expected that there will be research done by an institution or an associated university of the cause of the death of this giant creature.

According to residents, the creature began to “disintegrate” into the water making it red. This can also be seen in uploaded online videos. Reports also suggest that the creature was 15 meters long and weighed about 35 tons.

Although people have thought the creature could be a giant squid and a sperm, initial research suggests that it is a whale, as reported by Mashable. “[Base] in the images and videos, advanced state of decomposition is not possible to determine whether there is a humpback whale or not,” said Mashable Marcus Chua, the official museum of natural history museum Lee Kong Chian.
The giant shell of an unidentified sea creature disappeared on an island in Indonesia.

Asrul Tuanakota discovered the 15-meter-long Hulung beach body on Seram Island, and was initially thought to be a shipping container for washing or shipping.

The researchers found that the creature had died for at least three days before its arrival on the shore and the fact of blood surrounding red water, the Jakarta Globe newspaper reported.

Tourists immediately went to the beach to see the dead body, while police tried to approach the area.

Indonesia’s management of marine and coastal resources said it was likely that the corpse belonged to a humpback whale, although others have said it was more like a giant squid. The cause of his death has not yet been confirmed.

Residents of the island of Seram called on the national government to help eliminate and identify the remains of the creature when it had begun to deteriorate.

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