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‘Morning Joe’ co-host Joe Scarborough is leaving the Republican Party

‘Morning Joe’ co-host Joe Scarborough is leaving the Republican Party

‘Morning Joe’ co-host Joe Scarborough is leaving the Republican Party

Joe Scarborough, conservative co-host MSNBC political show “Morning Joe” left the Republican Party.

He made the announcement Tuesday night during a broadcast on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” alongside co-president Mika Brzezinski. A two-minute segment clip was swept into the Twitter account earlier in Tuesday’s show.

Scarborough started what he considered a complacent Republican party that did not want to oppose President Trump.

“One has to wonder, what is the Republican Party willing to do?” Scarborough said Colbert. “How far are they willing to go? What part of this country and our values ​​are willing to sell?”

“Do not you a Republican?” Asked Colbert.

“I’m a Republican, but I’m not going to be a Republican,” Scarborough told loudly applauding the audience. “I have to be independent.”

Scarborough and Brzezinski were attacked by President Trump and his administration in recent months for criticizing his driving skills and driving to the White House.

The two, who announced their engagement this spring, used to see Trump as a close friend, but he walked away from the president during his campaign.
Tension has increased in recent weeks when Brzezinski questioned Trump’s mental competence in a segment on his show. The President responded in a series of serious tweets, calling for co-chairs Psycho Joe ‘and’ Under-I. “P. Mika insane.” Trump also said that Brzezinski “bleeding a lot from a facelift” when he saw and Scarborough during a Short visit to Mar-a-Lago last year.

[President Trump anger angry of Joe’s morning hosts on Twitter]

In a comment, guests have written and posted in The Washington Post, called the president’s allegations false and offensive and said that “they have noticed a change in their behavior in recent years.”

“Maybe that’s why we were shocked by the president’s personal attack,” they wrote. “The Donald Trump who knew before the campaign was a bad character, but still seemed able to keep his worst instincts under control.”

In the segment of “Late Show” Scarborough and Brzezinski discussed their complicated relationship with the president and his intense aversion to “Morning Joe.”

Colbert asked the duo of the particular change they had seen in triumph since he announced his candidacy because, in “The Late Show,” the words, the business tycoon has always been a “main tool.”

“I knew it was a tool,” Brzezinski said, explaining that they believed Trump knew and controlled the game he was playing. Now Scarborough said, he is above the head.

Scarborough said the modern Republican Party was not “a party that Ronald Reagan could partner with” and that he does not want to want it. He told Colbert that he still believes in the fundamental values ​​of conservatism – lower taxes, a small government – but the silence of the party in Trump racism is unacceptable.

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Philippines Vice President Leni Robredo Visits Refugees Fleeing Fighting

Philippines Vice President Leni Robredo Visits Refugees Fleeing Fighting

Philippines Vice President Leni Robredo Visits Refugees Fleeing Fighting

Baloí: The Vice President of the Philippines expressed hope today for the early end of an urban seat by Islamist rebels and offered support to the displaced civilian population during a visit normally carried out by a president without being seen in public for six days.

Leni Robredo’s tour of an evacuation center in Baloí for residents who escaped a month-long conflict in the nearby city of Marawi added to speculation about the health of President Rodrigo Duterte, 72, whose absence This month of public viewing is the longest since he took office a year ago.

Known for a public calendar and marathon speeches several times a day, Duterte’s disappearance during the worst crisis of his presidency will add to the frequent rumors that he is in poor health, denying his office.

Robredo made no mention of Duterte during his visit when he said he hoped that the lives of some 250,000 people displaced by fighting between troops and rebels allied with the ISIS group could soon return to normal.

“We hope the fight will end soon so that people can return to their respective homes,” he told reporters. “The Government has done everything possible. We can only hope that this will end soon.”

Spokesman Duterte did not respond to a request for comment on his long absence.

Salvador Panelo, Duterte’s old friend and his lead lawyer, said the president was also “strong as a bull” and participate in a public event and will meet cabinet members Tuesday.

Duterte was last seen on June 20 in two cities of Marawi, when he met with soldiers and evacuated. This followed an absence of three days after a speech in which he declared that his health was “irrelevant” amidst high brows for his failure to appear in public for Independence Day on June 12

His office said he was tired, and his help Christopher “Bong” Go June 15 pictures published in social media documents Duterte signing and was in front of a television showing a newsletter.
The fighting resumed today in Marawi, a day after a unilateral ceasefire declared by the army for eight hours to mark the Islamic feast of Eid al-Fitr and seek to rescue civilians trapped in the conflict zone.

Air strikes and shots took place earlier in the day and the military said they believed Maute group insurgents, after a fifth week of clashes with the internal struggles among the remaining leaders.

Resilience and the level of organization of Maute Group and its affiliates have caused dismay in the region as to the extent to which the ISIS extremist agenda was able to gain its advantage in the southern Philippines, a more familiar area with banditry and separatism Than the radical ideology.

Duterte had warned that it was only a matter of time before there was contamination by ISIS.

The battle for Marawi killed 70 soldiers, 27 civilians and 290 militants, according to official figures.

The flight of residents and some local disaster officials estimated that many more civilians were killed when they were trapped in areas struck by artillery and air strikes and were infested with automatic Maute shooters. Witnesses said they had seen bodies in the streets for days, some of them decompose.

The army said it was worried about reports of the possible loss of hostages or prisoners forced to take up arms against government troops.

Spokesman Jo-Ar Herrera said soldiers had agreed to finish work and save residents, of whom 13 were rescued on Sunday.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the White House late Monday.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the White House late Monday.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the White House late Monday.

“A True Friend” – which is how President Donald Trump has described India when he received Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the White House late Monday. The two leaders a little over four hours – including the first working dinner Trump with a head of state – discuss a number of issues, including trade and terrorism.

After their individual meeting, the two leaders issued a joint statement in the rose garden, but, as previously decided, no questions were asked by the media.

Here’s a summary of what happened during the meeting between the two “Modi-Trump” social media leaders:
How long have Trump and Modi found that?
The two leaders spent a little less than five hours together – discussing a number of issues. The meeting began with a 20-minute meeting between the two leaders, followed by delegation-level discussions between representatives of the two countries.

Modi and Trump then issued a statement at the Rose Garden. After that, the two delegations took a 30-minute break cocktail – hosted by Vice President Mike Pence.

They then sat down for a “work dinner” – the first for the Trump administration – which lasted about an hour. The Indian delegation later left their hotel.

What did the two leaders discuss during the meeting?
Trade and terrorism were the two key points of the meeting. But there were many more. In the joint statement issued, the two countries also discussed the strengthening of energy strategies.

Although there is no explicit mention of the Paris climate agreement, leaders called for a rational approach that balances environmental and climate policy, global economic development and the need for energy security.

A key issue for India, which was not mentioned in the joint statement was the H1-B visas. It was not immediately known whether or not Trump and Modi raised the issue.

Modi modi Trump meets with Trump: Modi’s Prime Minister and President Donald Trump arrived to replace the joint press statement at the White House in Washington.

As for terrorism, both countries reiterated their demands that Pakistan must ensure that its territory is not used to protect terrorists and launch terrorist attacks in the region. “Our two nations have been affected by the evils of terrorism, both of which are determined to destroy terrorist organizations and the radical ideology that drives them.

We are going to destroy radical Islamic terrorism, “Trump said in his statement to the press. Modi reiterated India’s concern about terrorism in the Indo-Pacific region.

“The fight against terrorism and eliminate safe shelters, sanctuaries and shelters will be an important part of our cooperation,” said Mr. Modi.

The two countries of the joint statement specifically mentioned cases of cross-border terrorism, calling on Pakistan to bring to justice “the perpetrators of the Mumbai attacks 26/11, Pathankot and other cross-border terrorist attacks by the Pakistan Groups.” More information can be obtained here.

As for trade, Trump said he would like it to be “fair and reciprocal,” hoping that the trade deficit with India will reach nearly 31 billion today. “It’s important that the barriers are removed for export of US products in their markets and we are reducing our trade deficit with their country,” Trump said.

Trump also welcomed the Spicejet airline order in India of around 205 Boeing aircraft worth up to $ 22 billion that founder Ajay Singh, the airline’s co-founder, will secure up to 132,000 jobs in United States.

Leaders also expect the fiscal reforms put in place by the two “unlock” huge economic opportunities countries.

Modi said India will continue to strengthen the existing business and manufacturing partnership that the two countries share, something Modi says has been beneficial to both countries.

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