Day: September 2, 2017


Kochi Metro’s transgender employees are quitting: Social stigma remains the overarching problem

Kochi Metro's transgender employees are quitting: Social stigma remains the overarching problem

Kochi Metro’s transgender employees are quitting: Social stigma remains the overarching problem

The appointment of 23 transsexuals gave Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL) advertising worldwide. Although various agencies and international media have described as an innovative initiative, advertising confuses ironically miseries of the sexual minority.

While some transgender people who lived in the state hiding their true sexual identity, they had to leave their homes and are struggling to find a housing alternative in the city.

Many of those involved also work hard to continue with the service due to lack of accommodation.

Amruta, who was appointed to the KMRL cleaning service at Aluva station, took an extended leave three days after she joined the service because she could not find a place to sleep near Aluva. She left in a box in Ernakulam del Sur, which is 19 km from Aluva, paying Rs 400 per day.
“I can not afford it because the KMRL gives us only Rs 9400 per month as a salary. I am not able to take a part-time job to supplement my income while my shift always changes every week,” says Amruta, who lived with her mother in a Rented house in a village on the outskirts of town, hiding his true identity before he was appointed to the KMRL.

Amruta wore a shirt and pants when he was at home because he did not want his sick mother suffering humiliation. But working on KMRL changed his life for the worse. She was forced to leave the house after the premises recognized her true identity of media reports and advertising KMRL.

It is not only the destiny of Amruta. So far, 11 of the 23 transgender designated by the KMRL left office. While two were not seals, nine left after working for a few days.

The first subway section for Aluva Palarivattom was commissioned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on June 17

The transgenderers were delighted when they received the designation. But their joy lasted little, after finding that they could not find a place to sleep in the city. Faizu, who tried to continue his work, said that he is still in charge of Rs600 a field day.

“I tried to rent a house with some of my friends since I had an appointment. But we were rejected everywhere.

Everyone we dealt with was apologized saying that neighbors would create problems. Most think we are looking for room for prostitution, “Faizu said.

She said that most Firstpost people in service are also facing a problem. Some of them stay in country houses that pay 400 rupees to Rs.600 daily. “It brought us to the attention of the KMRL authorities but pleaded impotence,” he added.

KMRL CEO Elias George was not available for comment. However, CR Reshmi, a spokeswoman for the KMRL, said the company was not able to provide accommodation for transsexuals as they were named under a contract awarded to Kudumbasree a mission to fight against poverty for women.

“We have 628 Kudumbasree members working on different wings of KMRL.If we pay special attention to TG, these women also claim that they are going.It will not be possible to provide accommodation for everyone. They are not an employer, but a facilitator,” Reshmi said at Firstpost.


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