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Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei urges Muslims in Kashmir to ‘repudiate oppressors’

Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei urges Muslims in Kashmir to 'repudiate oppressors'

Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei urges Muslims in Kashmir to ‘repudiate oppressors’

The supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, arrived at the bombings in Bahrain, Yemen, Kashmir, which took place during the holy month of Ramadan, saying that the Muslim world must “express its contempt against the oppressors.” Khamenei made the comments during the Eid ul-Fitr prayers at the Great Musha in Tehran.
While this is not a verified Twitter account, Iranian online news aggregator Ahlulbayt news agency (ABNA) says the Iranian leader to statements.

The website associated with the account,, says Khamenei advised Muslim countries to take a clear position on issues in the Muslim world, even if it causes “arrogant individuals dissatisfaction.”

His speech focused on blood booming during the holy month, “Islamic nations are covered in wounds: conflicts in Yemen, Bahrain, problems in all Islamic countries, are major injuries in the body of Islam.

The world of Islam must explicitly support the people of Yemen and express their disdain against the oppressors who attacked the people in a horrible way during the month of Ramadan. ”

As for Kashmir, he continued: “It is the same for the people of Bahrain and Kashmir our people can support this great movement in the world of Islam.

Just as we express our position explicitly against enemies and adversaries, the world of Islam – especially the elites within it – must follow this path and take a position of pleasing God at all, even if it causes discontent in front arrogant. ”

As News18 reports, Khamenei’s comments come at an opportune moment. These comments come after Prime Minister Narendra Modi meets with US President Donald Trump in Washington, DC.

Trump sees Iran under the present government under Hassan Rouhani as opposed to the interests of the United States. “Rouhani also openly denounced the Trump administration.The resurgence of riots in the valley also adds to the inflammatory nature of these comments.

This is not the first time that Khamenei referred to the Kashmir issue. In May 1990, it was reported on their website: “Look at how everyone in the Muslim community there is treated much harder than others.

Kashmir is a contemporary example of this. Muslims to talk about their rights. Anyone who is informed that Kashmir crossroads, knows that Kashmiri Muslims express only truth and justice.

Those who have the Calient an unjust cause. Those who attack are those who do the wrong action. Unfortunately, the world is watching all this cool. “

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Syed Salahuddin being named ‘global terrorist’ by US is 25 years too late: Hizbul Mujahideen has long breached India

Syed Salahuddin being named 'global terrorist' by US is 25 years too late: Hizbul Mujahideen has long breached India

Syed Salahuddin being named ‘global terrorist’ by US is 25 years too late: Hizbul Mujahideen has long breached India

An audio recording appeared in Kashmir where three militants taking part in a meeting in Kakapora last week told a worker on the ground that they did not want the Pakistani flag at their funeral. Apparently it was just before the forces fell into the house, killing three.

This recording is one more among the many flaws in the current very worrisome Kashmiri winds that indicate that the United States moved to the top of the list of Hizb-ul Mujahideen Syed Salahuddin, as a “global terrorist”, that is, is Like closing the stable door after the horse has escaped.

Without a doubt, the announcement of the United States is a good initiative. The point was that he was a useful spin as if he had arrived there a quarter of a century, when the salahuddin hale successfully transformed Hizbulin backpack Pakistan in Kashmir.

At this point, Salahuddin struggling to maintain its relevance among young Hizbul operators in the valley.

The flavor of the day is Zakir ‘Musa’, which is now associated with Al Qaeda and the Taliban a new group called Kashmir since it was withdrawn from Hizbul last month. Musa was named “commander” Hizbul after Burhan Wani, a month after he died in June last year.

Salahuddin was almost certainly no more than rubber stamp to soften. These decisions are made by the brass ISI.

The ground moved very quickly on the ground, however, away from Pakistan. Most children and their teenage activist fans seem to be rooted Musa. For many of them, it really means sacking Pakistan by the kind of the most radical Panislamism.

Hizbul Mujahideen chief Syed SalahudFile the image of Hizbul leader Mujahideen Syed Salahuddin. Nouvelles18
An eye Nelson

The fact is that the US Has allowed his Secretary of State, Robin Raphel, to act as hoarse cheerleader of Kashmir militancy in 1993-1994, when he ruled the Hizbul refuge at the corner of Kashmir under the command of Salahuddin.

This is Syed Ali Shah Geelani who dispatched the Hizbul Salahuddin to take control in March 1990. Geelani had reached an agreement with ISI and Pakistan-Jamaica Islamic leadership in Kathmandu in January 1990.

The United States was undoubtedly aware of what was happening. The US researcher Robert Wirsing respected reveals in a 1994 book that the creation of Pakistan had decided earlier this month (January 1990) at a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto to abandon JKLF focused on independence in favor of Islamists and Pro Hizbulisme Pakistan.

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Oil tanker fire overshadows Eid celebration in Pak, death toll rises to 157

Oil tanker fire overshadows Eid celebration in Pak, death toll rises to 157

Oil tanker fire overshadows Eid celebration in Pak, death toll rises to 157

LAHORE: Eid celebrations in Pakistan are now overshadowed by the terrible explosion of a tanker, while the death toll in the devastating fire rises to 157 families in a hurry to hospitals to demand the bodies of their relatives, most Of which were carbonized beyond recognition.

The sullen tragedy struck yesterday Pakistan’s Punjab province just a day before the Eid celebration when a cistern carrying 40,000 liters of gas overturned and exploded when hundreds of villagers had gathered to collect fuel on the freeway in Ahmedpur Sharqia, Of Bahawalpur District, about 400 km from Lahore.

Instead of celebrating the Eid, many relatives of the victims waited for the district hospitals to claim the bodies, most of which were burned beyond recognition and will only be identified by DNA testing.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who was in London to celebrate the Eid with his family, interrupted his visit and arrived this morning to visit the victims.
The tanker was heading from Karachi to Lahore when its tire burst and the driver lost control, breaking the truck on the road.

Hundreds of people from a nearby village ignored warnings to stay away from the overturned cistern and went to the place to retrieve the spilled fuel.
Minutes later, the tank truck exploded, encompassing the crowd, as well as dozens of other vehicles in a huge fireball.

It is believed to be a spark from the many cars and motorcycles that have run into the active fuel scene, Dawn reported.

The death toll in the blast has reached 157. A doctor at Victoria Hospital in Bahawalpur in southern Punjab said the latest deaths occurred at the Multan hospital where some 50 seriously injured were taken, many suffered burns Heavy.
A high-level rescue official in the area said the death toll could rise as dozens remain critically ill.

The charred wreck motorcycles and cars could be scattered view of the road, with cooking utensils, pots, water coolers, jarrettes and buckets that the victims had taken to collect gasoline.

Firefighters arrived at the scene shortly after fire and rescue operations began.

Firefighters fought the flames for more than two hours to extinguish the fire.
The army chief, General Javed Qamar Bajwa, ordered the army to assist the civilian administration in the rescue efforts.

Army helicopters were used to transport the wounded to the hospital from Bahawalpur Nishtar in Multan.

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The PM’s office said the Punjab province government was ordered to provide medical care.

“Prime Minister Sharif expressed his deep sorrow over the loss of human lives in the unfortunate accident of oil tanker Ahmad Pur Sharqia, Bahawalpur,” the statement said.

Punjab’s chief minister, Shehbaz Sharif, announced Rs 2 million for the death and Rs 1 million for the wounded.

The oil tragedy comes about two years after 62 people, including women and children, were killed in a fire after a trainer collided with a tanker traveling on the wrong side of the road, just outside Karachi.

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Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia – Mongolians vote for a new president on Monday in a race that faces a horse salesman against a former judo star and an anxious nationalist to tap the country’s mineral wealth with no outlet to the sea.

The three candidates seeking to succeed Tsakhia Elbegdorj, Democratic Party that has served for a maximum of two four-year terms. Although 3 million to the nation was a democratic oasis of stability since the end of the communist regime there almost three decades, politics has increasingly spread in an economic crisis and accusations of corruption among the class leader.

Parliament Speaker and Horse Dealer Miyegombo Enkhbold represents the Mongolian People’s Party, which won a landslide victory in last year’s parliamentary elections.

Judo champion and business magnate Khaltmaa Batulgaa faces the Democratic Party, with the Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party Sainkhuu Ganbaatar completing the field.

It is not known whether Ganbaatar will be eligible to run behind a video was published by him accepting a campaign donation from a South Korean citizen.
Between Russia and China, Mongolia is rich in resources it has faced the financial turmoil and the growing momentum of China’s economic and political influence competing with its ties to the democratic West, particularly the United States.

“This election seems orchestrated from the outset, with the nomination of the candidates in a very strange way,” said Sumati Luvsandendev, director of the Mongolian liberal ideas laboratory at the Sant Maral Foundation. “I’ve never seen an election that way.”

Enkhbold, campaigning under the motto “National Unity; Pride of Mongolia” is widely regarded as the representation of stability at a time in Mongolia shows tentative signs of recovery from the economic crisis caused by a dramatic decline in world prices of products.

That was tarnished by allegations of corruption, however. Last month, a soundtrack was released to the public, allegedly a 90-minute conversation between Enkhbold’s 2014 and two party officials who discussed the amount of $ 25 million to redesign government seats.

Batulgaa campaign on a “first Mongolia” policy, borrowing the language of US President Donald Trump. His promises manifested “a patriotic president” seeking “equal cooperation” with neighbors such as China, who has criticized in the past.

His company, “Genco” is one of the largest in Mongolia, with companies such as hotels, media, banks, liquors, horse meat and complex theme of Genghis Khan. He was also Minister of Agriculture from 2012 to 2014 and former deputy and president of the Judo Association of Mongolia.

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Kochi Metro’s transgender employees are quitting: Social stigma remains the overarching problem

Kochi Metro's transgender employees are quitting: Social stigma remains the overarching problem

Kochi Metro’s transgender employees are quitting: Social stigma remains the overarching problem

The appointment of 23 transsexuals gave Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL) advertising worldwide. Although various agencies and international media have described as an innovative initiative, advertising confuses ironically miseries of the sexual minority.

While some transgender people who lived in the state hiding their true sexual identity, they had to leave their homes and are struggling to find a housing alternative in the city.

Many of those involved also work hard to continue with the service due to lack of accommodation.

Amruta, who was appointed to the KMRL cleaning service at Aluva station, took an extended leave three days after she joined the service because she could not find a place to sleep near Aluva. She left in a box in Ernakulam del Sur, which is 19 km from Aluva, paying Rs 400 per day.
“I can not afford it because the KMRL gives us only Rs 9400 per month as a salary. I am not able to take a part-time job to supplement my income while my shift always changes every week,” says Amruta, who lived with her mother in a Rented house in a village on the outskirts of town, hiding his true identity before he was appointed to the KMRL.

Amruta wore a shirt and pants when he was at home because he did not want his sick mother suffering humiliation. But working on KMRL changed his life for the worse. She was forced to leave the house after the premises recognized her true identity of media reports and advertising KMRL.

It is not only the destiny of Amruta. So far, 11 of the 23 transgender designated by the KMRL left office. While two were not seals, nine left after working for a few days.

The first subway section for Aluva Palarivattom was commissioned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on June 17

The transgenderers were delighted when they received the designation. But their joy lasted little, after finding that they could not find a place to sleep in the city. Faizu, who tried to continue his work, said that he is still in charge of Rs600 a field day.

“I tried to rent a house with some of my friends since I had an appointment. But we were rejected everywhere.

Everyone we dealt with was apologized saying that neighbors would create problems. Most think we are looking for room for prostitution, “Faizu said.

She said that most Firstpost people in service are also facing a problem. Some of them stay in country houses that pay 400 rupees to Rs.600 daily. “It brought us to the attention of the KMRL authorities but pleaded impotence,” he added.

KMRL CEO Elias George was not available for comment. However, CR Reshmi, a spokeswoman for the KMRL, said the company was not able to provide accommodation for transsexuals as they were named under a contract awarded to Kudumbasree a mission to fight against poverty for women.

“We have 628 Kudumbasree members working on different wings of KMRL.If we pay special attention to TG, these women also claim that they are going.It will not be possible to provide accommodation for everyone. They are not an employer, but a facilitator,” Reshmi said at Firstpost.


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