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Diaspora optimistic about Indo-US ties under Modi and Trump

Diaspora optimistic about Indo-US ties under Modi and Trump

Diaspora optimistic about Indo-US ties under Modi and Trump

WASHINGTON: The enthusiastic Indian diaspora met in Virginia to hear Prime Minister Narendra’s speech. Modi expressed optimism about the future of India-US ties under the leadership of Modi and President Donald Trump.

Dressed in their traditional garb, the nearly 600 American Indians said they believe the Indian diaspora of millions of people in the United States can make a big difference in bilateral ties.

Although the event was attended by more than 600 members of the community, it was much less compared to the reception of Modi 2014 at Madison Square Garden, which was attended by more than 18,000 people.

The prime minister spoke for almost 50 minutes at the Hindi event and explained to the audience the welfare programs his government has launched in the past three years.

Sudhir Parikh, a doctor and community leader for a long time, told the PTI that India is moving forward under Modi’s leadership. Modi “rightly believes that the Indian diaspora can make a big difference between US-Indian relations.”

At Modi’s first bilateral meeting with Trump, Parikh said he expects the two leaders to discuss bilateral defense agreements, the H1B visa and other immigration issues and the Paris climate deal.

“Modi is an excellent politician and he is almost like a businessman, he knows how to handle other entrepreneurs, Trump is a businessman, I am sure they will connect with each other and the result of the meeting will be very positive and will prepare the Scenario for Strengthening bilateral relations, “he said.

Anil Sharma, of the Overseas Volunteer for Better India organization, said there are high expectations of the Modi-Trump meeting, especially in the context of the uncertainty arising from the Trump administration’s H1B visa policies and racist attacks against Members of the Indian community.

“We really expect our concerns on these issues to be addressed at the highest level,” Sharma said.

Pragya Chisti of New Jersey said the meeting between Trump and Modi will be “historic.” He said that cultural exchanges between the two nations have played a role in strengthening bilateral relations.

“There is a lot of positive energy and enthusiasm about India’s relations with the US. I expect only a positive result from the Trump-Modi meeting and for the future of the two countries,” he said.

Attorney Ravi Batra said that Modi promises American Indians that India will be a global force for good because India’s 800 million youth dreams are “young dreams.”

“The long-standing partnership between the United States and India is driven by people,” he said.
His Chicago supporter Nirav Patel said that Modi is an inspiration to second-generation young Americans.

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