Day: July 30, 2017


UK PM Theresa May secures majority by striking deal with DUP

UK PM Theresa May secures majority by striking deal with DUP

UK PM Theresa May secures majority by striking deal with DUP

“Today we have reached an agreement with the Conservative Party to support the government in parliament,” said DUP leader Arlene Foster on Downing Street.

The Party of the Irish Democratic Union of Ireland (DUP) said on Monday it would support the government of Prime Minister Theresa May on legislation relating to Britain’s liberation in the European Union, which gained a slight majority in parliament.

Ms. May has reached an agreement with the DUP on Monday to support her administration after failing to win an absolute victory in the current June 8 election.

Conservatives have 317 seats in parliament to 650 seats after the elections and need the support of the 10 DUP members to govern.

“The DUP agrees … to support the government on legislation relating to the departure of the UK from the European Union and national security legislation,” said a document published by Ms. May’s office.

The agreement was signed in the office of Ms. Downing Street May after two weeks of negotiations. Under the agreement, Northern Ireland will receive more than £ 1.0 billion from the state over two years, in exchange for DUP support to the Conservatives.

The agreement with the DUP will prove controversial because of the party’s opposition to gay marriage and abortion and feared that an agreement could alter the delicate balance of the peace process in Northern Ireland.

The agreement is a “trust and supply agreement”, which means that the DUP does not guarantee that the trust and budget conservative votes.

For other measures, support would vote by vote, according to the text of the agreement.

“I am happy with this agreement that will allow us to work together in the interest of the United Kingdom as a whole,” he said in a May statement.

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Mrs Foster said: “This agreement will work to provide a stable government in the UK’s national interest at this vital moment.”

The DUP has supported Brexit but stressed the need to keep the border open Republic of Ireland, and Ms. Foster said the agreement would support a Brexit process “supporting all parts of the UK.”

Foster said the extra money would be invested in infrastructure, health and education, to benefit the whole of Northern Ireland after concerns expressed by the Republican party Sinn Fein, DUP rivals.

The agreement will face its first test in Parliament with a vote of confidence expected Thursday.

The main Labor opposition party said it would support other general elections.

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron immediately closed the deal as a “casualty case.”

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