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10 things we know about Indrani Mukerjea

10 things we know about Indrani Mukerjea

10 things we know about Indrani Mukerjea

The old fat man of the media Indrani Mukerjea, accused of murdering his daughter Sheena Bora, are once again on the news. This time, she and some 200 other prisoners from the Mumbai Byculla jail were reserved for riots after the death of a convicted killer after the prison body is attacked. Ten things we know about Indrani:

Indrani Mukerjea reserved for “inciting riots” at Byculla jail in Mumbai
1. On April 24, 2012, former INX Media Director Indrani Mukerjea, ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna and driver Shyamwar Rai would have killed their daughter, Sheena Bora. They burned and threw the corpse into Raigad.

The murder came after Rai confessed three years later, in August 2015, when he was arrested in connection with a case of the Weapons Act. Khanna Indrani and were subsequently arrested.

All three are in custody. The trial begins on July 4. The Central Bureau of Investigations also arrested Indrani’s husband, Peter Mukerjea, as part of the case.

2. Sheena was the daughter of his first marriage Indrani. Indrani had a son, Mikhail, who was accused of trying to poison him during a visit to Mumbai, which the CBI has added a charge of attempted murder against him.

3. Indrani is the daughter of a well-known businessman in Guwahati. His 2002 marriage to Peter was his third. She was previously married to Sanjeev Khanna and before Siddharth Das, who is from Tripura. It is said that the DAS is the biological father of Sheena and Mikhail.
Police trial for murder Sheena Bora sit between Indrani Peter to prevent the fight

Sheena Bora murder was arrested to file a case, said the police
4. In January of this year, a special court of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has accused Indrani, Peter and Sanjeev Khanna murder, conspiracy, kidnapping, destruction of evidence and false information.

5. The court also charged Indrani, 45, for providing falsified documents. However, he withdrew charges of fraud, forgery of documents to deceive and cause injuries with a poison against the accused.

6. Rai offered to witness the continuation and was appointed responsible for approval. In his confession, which was recorded in Hindi, Rai told Indrani to contact him through his personal assistant, Kajal Sharma, the last week of March 2012. Said Indrani spoke to him on Skype and revealed his intention to kill Sheena and Mikhail.

7. Police found bone remains in a Raigad jungle. A DNA test confirmed that it was Sheena. Police seized an Indrani Worli residence bag, which they said was to be used to transport Mikhail’s body after being killed. The bag was sent for forensic analysis
Pedro and Indrani Mukerjea. (Photo Archive HT)
8. ICC officials said that Pedro and Indrani were equal participants in the conspiracy plotted to eliminate Sheena. Both were against their relationship with the son of Peter, Rahul.

The agency said that Peter and Indrani were constantly in touch by telephone, though Peter went to London. After they had disposed of Sheena’s body 25 August 2012 Indrani spoke to Peter for 15 minutes.

Call records (CDRs) obtained by the CBI show that Pedro and Indrani spoke for four minutes at 1:00 p.m., hours before the murder. They also exchanged messages. The IWC has identified up to 52 witnesses; Declarations on 38 are part of the additional charge sheet.

9. The IWC has also called Indrani and Peter in a criminal conspiracy case, the deception and bribery involving the son of former finance minister of the Union, Karti P Chidambaram.

In May this year, he said he knew Idrani Karti and his father, but denied the allegations. Karti would have facilitated the approval of the Council to promote foreign investment in the media when INX Mukerjeas were directors of the company.

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