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Special ops forces among 16 dead in Marine Corps plane crash

Special ops forces among 16 dead in Marine Corps plane crash

Special ops forces among 16 dead in Marine Corps plane crash

(CNN) – Seven of the service members who died in a military transport plane crash in Mississippi came from an elite Marine unit based in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, said the Marine Corps on Tuesday.

Nine other marines were killed in Orange County, New York, said Steve Neuhaus, the province’s chief executive. The KC-130T aircraft is based in New York, authorities said.
Investigators are trying to determine why the plane crashed in Leflore County, west of the Mississippi, Monday afternoon, said Major Andrew Aranda.

The transport plane, which carries fifteen sailors and the military corps of the Navy, was transporting personnel and the North Carolina crew to a Western base to train before deployment, said the Marine Corps.

Six Marines and Sailor were members of the 2nd Battalion Raider Marina, based at Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, North Carolina. They were part of the Marine Corps Forces, Special Operations Command and went to the Aviation Marine Infantry Station in Yuma, Arizona, for a pre-deployment training.

“The incredible demands of this dangerous and demanding requirement form some of the tightest units and family ties in the United States Army,” said Special Operations Command. “This affects us all loss.”

Neuhaus said the New York Marines will fly to Dover Air Force Base, then Orange County.

The names of the dead were not released immediately, but a parent of one of the Marines told the CNCA affiliate WCAX that his son was on the plane.
Father of dead marine: He loved to fly

Sergeant of artillery. Brendan Johnson was Vermont. His father told WCAX and CNN that his son loved his job.

“He loved to go to different places,” Kevin Johnson told his son, who spent 23 years in the Navy and was a master of the Navy. “He thought he was one of the best jobs in the navy. load.

Brendan Johnson, 45, plans to retire next year, after a career that has taken him to Europe, Africa, South Asia and the Pacific, including deployments in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“I was anxious to retire, said it was time for the children to do this,” said his father.

Report: wastes that are found throughout the area
The aircraft belonged to a tanker squadron and Marine Reserve transport base at Stewart Base National Air Guard in Newburgh, New York.

The aircraft, the military can be used to refuel planes in the air and cargo transport, descended in a rural area, next to the United States 82, about 85 miles north of Jackson, with remains found on both sides of the Highway, said the CNN subsidiary WDBD.

The theft comes from Marine Corps Air Station’s Cherry Point in eastern North Carolina.
Federal Aviation Administration officials contacted the Marines when the plane disappeared from the air traffic control radar in the Mississippi, officials said.

“All the resources we can extract from will allow us to determine what happened,” Aranda told reporters a few miles from the scene of the crash.

Because the aircraft was ammunition and small arms, explosive ammunition deactivation equipment was at the scene of the crash, military officials said.
“As a precautionary measure, we just wanted to make sure that people do not approach … just global security,” said Aranda.

The flames and black smoke are mounted a part of the wreckage of the plane in a field off the road, showed the video of the WDBD Monday.

Affiliates and CNN WDBD WHBQ, citing unnamed officials, reported that the plane had stopped in Memphis, Tennessee. Aranda did not confirm this by saying he did not know the details of the aircraft’s flight plan.

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