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Ghoulish online game urges young people to end their lives

Ghoulish online game urges young people to end their lives

Ghoulish online game urges young people to end their lives

The family of a Texas teenager who hung up said his son was involved in a macabre online game that invites participants to complete a number of tasks before taking their own lives, and some schools warn the parents of the call Blue Whale Challenge.

Jorge Gonzalez to the TV station in San Antonio WOAI ( who wanted to warn others after his son, Isaiah, was found hanging in his bedroom closet Saturday at the family home With his compatible cell phone in a shoe to record his death.

A report on the death of the child from the San Antonio Police Department does not mention the challenge. But the Gonzalez family said that in the days following the teen’s death, they gathered their media and communication with friends to participate in the game.

His sister, Alexis, told the television station that a person behind the challenge had collected personal information from Isaiah and threatened to harm the family.

Police did not leave a message left by The Associated Press asked if the authorities were investigating the game as a factor in the case. Many parents and other authorities are skeptical that the game actually exists, citing the lack of suicide directly assigned.

Agent Michelle Lee of the FBI’s San Antonio office said the agency would not assist in the investigation, but urged parents to monitor their children’s online activities.

“It’s a reminder of one of the many dangers and vulnerabilities that children are facing using different social media and online applications every day,” Lee said. “Parents need to be vigilant and monitor the use of their children through the Internet.”

Gonzalez is the second parent this week to say about a child who died of suicide as a result of gambling. A Georgia woman spoke with CNN about her 16-year-old daughter who committed suicide on Monday but asked that her name not be used.

Educators, law enforcement officials and parents across the country have reported rumors about the challenge for months. But until this week, no allegations have been made in the US. Around death directly related to the game.

Suicides in Russia, Brazil and a half dozen other countries have been linked to the challenge of cases usually involving teenagers or young adults.

Notes were posted on social media pages and the school district sent to parents in school districts across the country, including Vacaville, California; Baldwin County, Alabama; Warwick, Rhode Island; And Denver.

In Connecticut, the Superintendent of Public Schools in Danbury, Sal Pascarella, sent a note to parents about the month of May, after the principals of 19 schools in the district have begun hearing about children’s challenge from elementary schools .

“Primary school principals began to listen to their kids about this thing. Then the high school principals started talking about the same thing,” he said. “We found that the content of our school system that the challenge had been seen on YouTube … I decided that I would rather you send me the information side with the parents.”

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