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Cancer researcher was held at Boston airport. Now he is being sent back to Iran.

Cancer researcher was held at Boston airport. Now he is being sent back to Iran.

Cancer researcher was held at Boston airport. Now he is being sent back to Iran.

US Customs and Border Protection detained an Iranian cancer researcher and his family – including a baby – for more than 24 hours at Logan International Airport in Boston and will force them to leave the country on Tuesday, federal authorities and Based organization.

Mohsen Dehnavi, a 32-year-old father of three, traveled to Massachusetts on an exchange visa to conduct postdoctoral research at Children’s Hospital in Boston, a Harvard-affiliated, world-renowned institution.

“This individual was deemed inadmissible to the United States based on information discovered during the CBP inspection,” spokeswoman Stephanie Malin CBP said in a statement. “As is usual with people denying entry to the United States, they will leave on the next scheduled flight.”

The episode occurred a little over two weeks after the Supreme Court granted the Trump administration’s authorization to execute a modified version of the entry baning the president some citizens of Iran and five other Muslim-majority countries.
Federal officials said that the imminent expulsion of Dehnavi had nothing to do with the travel ban. But they did not want to say why he was expelled, citing laws that protect privacy.

Malin provides only a scheme under which someone could be barred from entering the United States.

“In order to demonstrate eligibility, the applicant must overcome all grounds of inadmissibility, including grounds relating to health, crime, safety reasons, public costs, certification work, illegal intruders and immigration violations, Documentation requirements and various patterns, “he told me.

The Children’s Hospital of Boston had asked the customs to release Dehnavi and the family and send a lawyer to the airport.

“Dr. Dehnavi is a research scientist with a J-1 visa coming to Boston for children with his wife and three children,” hospital spokesman Rob Graham said at the beginning of the day. “The hopes of Boston Children expect this situation to be resolved quickly and Dr. Dehnavi and his family will be announced and allowed to enter the United States.”
Trita Parsi, president of the Iranian National Council, a Washington-based grassroots organization, said she received a message Tuesday 2 am a friend of Dehnavi’s who had waited since Monday to pick up the family at Boston airport.

Parsi said the friend, Mohammad Rashidian, a researcher at Children’s Hospital Boston, said that federal officials said Dehnavi had a documentation problem, but did not explain what it was. Parsi said Rashidian had not been able to communicate with parents and Dehnavi in ​​Iran are “very concerned”.

He wondered why Dehnavi and his family could join a flight bound for the United States in case of paperwork problem.

“How could I not go so far and be denied here?” He said. “They do not come.”

Logan International Airport was the scene of massive protests after Trump has imposed its first travel ban on January 27. The order was interrupted by federal courts and has been reviewed by the administration in March. The American Civil Liberties Union and others have challenged the ban as discriminatory, but the administration says it is trying to strengthen national security.

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