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Arrest of ‘Person of Interest’ in Men’s Disappearance Was Sought Weeks Ago

Arrest of ‘Person of Interest’ in Men’s Disappearance Was Sought Weeks Ago

Arrest of ‘Person of Interest’ in Men’s Disappearance Was Sought Weeks Ago

Two weeks before a 20-year-old man on the outskirts of Philadelphia was named “person of interest” in the case of four missing men, Bucks County prosecutors have asked the police to arrest him during a criminal case prosecution rejected previously.

But the man, Cosmo DiNardo, has been detained by Bensalem police for that charge until Monday after authorities began to look for the family farm to the family to detect any sign of men who disappeared for two days last week.

M. DiNardo was released from the Bucks on Tuesday night in the county jail after his father Antonio DiNardo has paid 10 percent of his $ 1 million deposit in cash, according to the district attorney’s office County.

For the fourth consecutive day on Tuesday as 50 people participated in an exhaustive search on the farm – a large national road property in Solebury Township, about 30 miles north of Philadelphia.

Authorities carried dead dogs and heavy construction equipment, including a sliding shovel, and conducted a careful examination of the land “so as not to miss the smallest evidence,” Attorney Mateo D. Weintraub said.

So far, the investigation had not found human remains, but Weintraub declined to comment on whether any other physical evidence was found regarding missing persons at the site.

Members of an F.B.I. The test response team helped local authorities look for the property on Tuesday, said Carrie Adamowski, a spokeswoman for the Philadelphia office of the office.

Authorities have launched an extensive network in Bucks County looking for men Saturday morning, but have narrowed their focus this afternoon on the farm after following the mobile phone signal one of the men’s property.

When the agents arrived, they also discovered a Nissan sedan belonging to another man who had disappeared.

While the search continued Monday morning at DiNardo’s farm, Bensalem police where Mr. DiNardo lives, arrested on weapons charges, as a result of an episode in February when he said family police have encountered a caliber shotgun twenty.

M. DiNardo was not legally authorized to possess a firearm because he had been involuntarily committed to a mental institution, according to police records.

A judge dismissed the case in May, but the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office wanted to try again. On June 21, a Deputy District Attorney Megan B.

Brooks told Katherine Bailey agent, Bensalem police to “reintegrate and rebuild” the second degree felony charge. In Pennsylvania, the district attorney’s office may request a police department to revive a person if the prescription issue has not expired.

“If, for example, the prosecution finds that a district judge’s decision was made in error, he can exercise his right to authorize the collection of fees,” said Larry R. King, district spokesperson County Attorney’s Office Bucks, in an email Tuesday night. “Mrs. Brooks Bensalem Newsletter allowed the cops to do so.

But it does not appear that Bailey’s officer acted immediately on demand. A Bensalem Police Department spokesman did not respond to several phone calls and emails seeking comment from Monday, and Agent Bailey did not respond to an e-mail seeking comment Tuesday. Constable Bailey was the officer who arrested M. DiNardo Monday, according to the minutes.

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