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Ghoulish online game urges young people to end their lives

Ghoulish online game urges young people to end their lives

Ghoulish online game urges young people to end their lives

The family of a Texas teenager who hung up said his son was involved in a macabre online game that invites participants to complete a number of tasks before taking their own lives, and some schools warn the parents of the call Blue Whale Challenge.

Jorge Gonzalez to the TV station in San Antonio WOAI ( who wanted to warn others after his son, Isaiah, was found hanging in his bedroom closet Saturday at the family home With his compatible cell phone in a shoe to record his death.

A report on the death of the child from the San Antonio Police Department does not mention the challenge. But the Gonzalez family said that in the days following the teen’s death, they gathered their media and communication with friends to participate in the game.

His sister, Alexis, told the television station that a person behind the challenge had collected personal information from Isaiah and threatened to harm the family.

Police did not leave a message left by The Associated Press asked if the authorities were investigating the game as a factor in the case. Many parents and other authorities are skeptical that the game actually exists, citing the lack of suicide directly assigned.

Agent Michelle Lee of the FBI’s San Antonio office said the agency would not assist in the investigation, but urged parents to monitor their children’s online activities.

“It’s a reminder of one of the many dangers and vulnerabilities that children are facing using different social media and online applications every day,” Lee said. “Parents need to be vigilant and monitor the use of their children through the Internet.”

Gonzalez is the second parent this week to say about a child who died of suicide as a result of gambling. A Georgia woman spoke with CNN about her 16-year-old daughter who committed suicide on Monday but asked that her name not be used.

Educators, law enforcement officials and parents across the country have reported rumors about the challenge for months. But until this week, no allegations have been made in the US. Around death directly related to the game.

Suicides in Russia, Brazil and a half dozen other countries have been linked to the challenge of cases usually involving teenagers or young adults.

Notes were posted on social media pages and the school district sent to parents in school districts across the country, including Vacaville, California; Baldwin County, Alabama; Warwick, Rhode Island; And Denver.

In Connecticut, the Superintendent of Public Schools in Danbury, Sal Pascarella, sent a note to parents about the month of May, after the principals of 19 schools in the district have begun hearing about children’s challenge from elementary schools .

“Primary school principals began to listen to their kids about this thing. Then the high school principals started talking about the same thing,” he said. “We found that the content of our school system that the challenge had been seen on YouTube … I decided that I would rather you send me the information side with the parents.”

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Wild primates in Florida park: Monkey shenanigans on rise

Wild primates in Florida park: Monkey shenanigans on rise

Wild primates in Florida park: Monkey shenanigans on rise

There is a recovery in the monkey business in and around a state park in Florida, where groups of non-native Rhesus monkeys live along a popular river between kayaks and tourists.

Officials closed two walks in Silver Springs State Park due to adverse interactions with park guests. An observation platform and a walk are prohibited because the primates were mainly supported.

Matt Mitchell, deputy director of Florida State Parks, said guards check the areas every morning for monkey activity.

“The park staff can if the monkeys find temporary closure of use areas during these inspections,” he wrote in an email. “The park staff also responds to information apes in areas of public use by the guests.”

Researchers estimate 150 to 200 wild rhesus macaques live in the park and an unknown number living outside.

A video taken by a family that apparently shows aggressive monkeys on one of the park’s walks recently made the rounds on social networks.

Rangers are trying to warn visitors not to feed mammals 20 pounds and 2 feet high and patrols intensified in sections where human-ape interactions are high.

The monkeys were brought to the area in the 1930s by a touring boat operator named Colonel Tooey. He thought it would be a good idea to launch six monkeys on a small island in the Rio de la Plata and the so-called Monkey Island to attract tourists.

“He thought they would stay on Monkey Island,” said Eben Kirksey of Florida and Professor of Humanities at UNSW Sydney, Australia. “But they are good swimmers.”

Many generations of monies have occurred, aided by the relative lack of natural predators (other than alligators, which often eat young primates on the shores). The monkeys thrived in warm weather and the park was selling at the time “Monkey Chow” so visitors can feed the primates.

At the same time, in the 1980s, there were 400 animals in the park, leading the state authorities to try to wrest control of the situation. Some women were sterilized. Earlier group disposition attempts have sparked strong opposition from residents – especially when some captured primates were sold in research labs.

“At least from a cultural point of view, people living in Ocala greatly appreciate their presence in the community,” Kirksey said.

But again, state officials are considering options for controlling primates – after all, viral video overalls are not the best advertising for the park. Mitchell said the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has been briefed and controlled by apes.

There have been 18 confirmed reports of animal bites and scratches since his arrival in the park. Experts say that monkeys can carry and transmit herpes virus viruses, but there is no evidence that anyone was sick of the Silver Springs monkeys.

“By the way, you do not want to get close to them. You do not want to oppose them,” said Steve Johnson, associate professor of wildlife ecology at the University of Florida looking for monkeys.

Johnson said there are four or five groups of monkeys in the park, and others are outside the park.

Recently, a homeowner 4 miles (6 kilometers) captured the images of about 50 monkeys invaded his lumberjack. Automatic camera Brian Pritchard, anchored in a tree, has even been inspected by a monkey, whose face fills substantially one frame, while others are folded in the background.

“Anyone who lives in our river, we always have the opportunity to see the monkeys,” said Pritchard, a taxidermist for 33 years. “As long as it does not bother you, that does not bother you.”

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Beachgoers form a human chain to save a family trapped in a rip current

Beachgoers form a human chain to save a family trapped in a rip current

Beachgoers form a human chain to save a family trapped in a rip current

(CNN) A family locked in the current of anguish obviously avoided a tragedy when a crowd of strangers is connected to bring it back to earth.

Nine players, including two children and an elderly woman, were trapped in the stream in Panama City Beach, Florida on Saturday. The spectators on the shore saw them shouting and waving their arms, and they went into action.

“I saw a group of people, a few at first, then more and more, they begin to form a human chain,” Rosalind Beckton told CNN.

The channel reaches about 70 to 80 foreigners, holding hands and stretching to reach the trapped group. All the swimmers did.

Roberta Ursrey was in Panama City Beach, Florida with her family on Saturday, when she realized that she could not see her son from the shore.
He saw the boys, who were 8 and 11 years old, screaming and filled with water, told CNN affiliate WJHG.

Ursrey and his family ran to save them, but they were dominated by the current.

The family and several others who had tried to help the son of Ursrey themselves, nine in all, were blocked. The group started waving their arms in the air and screaming.

“At first I thought it was a shark in the water, so I started shouting my son out of the water and swimming to the shore,” said Beckton, CNN witness.
But soon, he realized that the waves were passing the group further and further into the sea. A crowd gathered on the beach, not knowing how to help.

“The waves were so heavy, big and strong,” Beckton said.
The formation of the chain of

Police and paramedics arrived. A policeman jumped into the water and started swimming towards the group, but came back later. Beckton said he did not seem able to do it.

“We were there on the beach, and the police told me they were waiting for a ship so they can send it,” he said.
Then people looking down from the shore decided to take things in hand.

Jessica Simmons was one of the viewers who helped create the chain. Improvised rescuers use surfboards and surfboards to help the family to get back on the shore, he told on Facebook.

“Ultimately, we all started cheering and applauding because they were so happy we did it,” said Simmons WJHG.
They took the boys in the sand first, followed Ursrey and mother.

“As a mother, I’m supposed to protect and do everything, and I could not do that day,” Ursrey WJHG was told. “I had to help, I was eternally grateful.”
Escape from a hangover stream
Relief streams class United States rescue association as the main danger of surfing beach for all players.

Surges on beaches in the United States killed more than 100 people each year, according to the association. More than 80% of rescues for beach rescuers result from swimmers trapped in the stream.

USLA said the trick is not to go out and fight the current. Instead, swim in the direction parallel to the coast to get out of the current, and then swim to the shore.

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Cancer researcher was held at Boston airport. Now he is being sent back to Iran.

Cancer researcher was held at Boston airport. Now he is being sent back to Iran.

Cancer researcher was held at Boston airport. Now he is being sent back to Iran.

US Customs and Border Protection detained an Iranian cancer researcher and his family – including a baby – for more than 24 hours at Logan International Airport in Boston and will force them to leave the country on Tuesday, federal authorities and Based organization.

Mohsen Dehnavi, a 32-year-old father of three, traveled to Massachusetts on an exchange visa to conduct postdoctoral research at Children’s Hospital in Boston, a Harvard-affiliated, world-renowned institution.

“This individual was deemed inadmissible to the United States based on information discovered during the CBP inspection,” spokeswoman Stephanie Malin CBP said in a statement. “As is usual with people denying entry to the United States, they will leave on the next scheduled flight.”

The episode occurred a little over two weeks after the Supreme Court granted the Trump administration’s authorization to execute a modified version of the entry baning the president some citizens of Iran and five other Muslim-majority countries.
Federal officials said that the imminent expulsion of Dehnavi had nothing to do with the travel ban. But they did not want to say why he was expelled, citing laws that protect privacy.

Malin provides only a scheme under which someone could be barred from entering the United States.

“In order to demonstrate eligibility, the applicant must overcome all grounds of inadmissibility, including grounds relating to health, crime, safety reasons, public costs, certification work, illegal intruders and immigration violations, Documentation requirements and various patterns, “he told me.

The Children’s Hospital of Boston had asked the customs to release Dehnavi and the family and send a lawyer to the airport.

“Dr. Dehnavi is a research scientist with a J-1 visa coming to Boston for children with his wife and three children,” hospital spokesman Rob Graham said at the beginning of the day. “The hopes of Boston Children expect this situation to be resolved quickly and Dr. Dehnavi and his family will be announced and allowed to enter the United States.”
Trita Parsi, president of the Iranian National Council, a Washington-based grassroots organization, said she received a message Tuesday 2 am a friend of Dehnavi’s who had waited since Monday to pick up the family at Boston airport.

Parsi said the friend, Mohammad Rashidian, a researcher at Children’s Hospital Boston, said that federal officials said Dehnavi had a documentation problem, but did not explain what it was. Parsi said Rashidian had not been able to communicate with parents and Dehnavi in ​​Iran are “very concerned”.

He wondered why Dehnavi and his family could join a flight bound for the United States in case of paperwork problem.

“How could I not go so far and be denied here?” He said. “They do not come.”

Logan International Airport was the scene of massive protests after Trump has imposed its first travel ban on January 27. The order was interrupted by federal courts and has been reviewed by the administration in March. The American Civil Liberties Union and others have challenged the ban as discriminatory, but the administration says it is trying to strengthen national security.

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Arrest of ‘Person of Interest’ in Men’s Disappearance Was Sought Weeks Ago

Arrest of ‘Person of Interest’ in Men’s Disappearance Was Sought Weeks Ago

Arrest of ‘Person of Interest’ in Men’s Disappearance Was Sought Weeks Ago

Two weeks before a 20-year-old man on the outskirts of Philadelphia was named “person of interest” in the case of four missing men, Bucks County prosecutors have asked the police to arrest him during a criminal case prosecution rejected previously.

But the man, Cosmo DiNardo, has been detained by Bensalem police for that charge until Monday after authorities began to look for the family farm to the family to detect any sign of men who disappeared for two days last week.

M. DiNardo was released from the Bucks on Tuesday night in the county jail after his father Antonio DiNardo has paid 10 percent of his $ 1 million deposit in cash, according to the district attorney’s office County.

For the fourth consecutive day on Tuesday as 50 people participated in an exhaustive search on the farm – a large national road property in Solebury Township, about 30 miles north of Philadelphia.

Authorities carried dead dogs and heavy construction equipment, including a sliding shovel, and conducted a careful examination of the land “so as not to miss the smallest evidence,” Attorney Mateo D. Weintraub said.

So far, the investigation had not found human remains, but Weintraub declined to comment on whether any other physical evidence was found regarding missing persons at the site.

Members of an F.B.I. The test response team helped local authorities look for the property on Tuesday, said Carrie Adamowski, a spokeswoman for the Philadelphia office of the office.

Authorities have launched an extensive network in Bucks County looking for men Saturday morning, but have narrowed their focus this afternoon on the farm after following the mobile phone signal one of the men’s property.

When the agents arrived, they also discovered a Nissan sedan belonging to another man who had disappeared.

While the search continued Monday morning at DiNardo’s farm, Bensalem police where Mr. DiNardo lives, arrested on weapons charges, as a result of an episode in February when he said family police have encountered a caliber shotgun twenty.

M. DiNardo was not legally authorized to possess a firearm because he had been involuntarily committed to a mental institution, according to police records.

A judge dismissed the case in May, but the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office wanted to try again. On June 21, a Deputy District Attorney Megan B.

Brooks told Katherine Bailey agent, Bensalem police to “reintegrate and rebuild” the second degree felony charge. In Pennsylvania, the district attorney’s office may request a police department to revive a person if the prescription issue has not expired.

“If, for example, the prosecution finds that a district judge’s decision was made in error, he can exercise his right to authorize the collection of fees,” said Larry R. King, district spokesperson County Attorney’s Office Bucks, in an email Tuesday night. “Mrs. Brooks Bensalem Newsletter allowed the cops to do so.

But it does not appear that Bailey’s officer acted immediately on demand. A Bensalem Police Department spokesman did not respond to several phone calls and emails seeking comment from Monday, and Agent Bailey did not respond to an e-mail seeking comment Tuesday. Constable Bailey was the officer who arrested M. DiNardo Monday, according to the minutes.

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Texas teen was electrocuted by her cellphone while taking a bath, her family says

Texas teen was electrocuted by her cellphone while taking a bath, her family says

Texas teen was electrocuted by her cellphone while taking a bath, her family says

It was not unusual for Madison Coe, 14, in love with the band and basketball, to retire to the bathroom for hours and soak in the tub.

This is what he had done on Saturday night with his father’s father, according to his family, when he knocked on the door and said it was time to leave.

“It’s all right,” said M. Madison.

But 20 minutes have passed and teenagers have never surfaced, while Logan Coe responded again. This time he received no response.

He entered the bathroom and found that Madison did not meet the water and Samsung advantage over plugged into an outlet. Madison’s mother, Angela O’Guinn Downs, to People magazine.

The cell phone fell into the tub, the family told local news in Lovington, N.M., and the girl had a burn in her hand.

Coe, an EMT, tried to restart it, as did health professionals who came on the scene and were taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead Madison. The coroner has not yet pronounced on the official cause of death, but authorities said in a statement that “initial evidence shows signs compatible with electrocution.”
Police confirmed that a mobile phone, charging cable and extension cord is attached to the bathtub, the Associated Press reported. The US Commission for Consumer Product Safety in the US Today he said he is investigating the incident.

“There was a burn in the hand, the hand that had picked up the phone,” said Madison’s grandmother, Donna O’Guinn on KCBD-TV. “And it was pretty obvious that this was what had happened.”

Madison’s stepmother, Felisha Owens told KRQE News 13 that the girl was what she had done many times before, sitting in the bathtub, fashion phone, “play our games.”

“I did, I did,” Owens said with tears.

But tragedy has made the dangers.

“The bathroom is a place for showers and personal time and your phones are not in the bathroom,” she said KRQE News 13. The electricity and water did not mix. Just a drop. ”

Madison had just graduated in eighth grade at Terra Vista High School in Lubbock, Texas, KCBD-TV said. He spent the summer in New Mexico with his father before beginning the first year of school in Houston.
“It’s with the heavy heart that ISD frenship cries Madison Coe,” officials said the school district in a statement to KCBD-TV. “We want to share our sincere sympathy to your family and friends as we burden this tragedy together.”

In Texas, Madison played basketball and was the first of the tuba tuba in the school band.

“A lot of girls do not touch the tuba, but Maddy nailed it,” said KRQE Owens, the girl’s stepmother.

Madison’s grandmother, O’Guinn said the teenager was her “bright star” and “a special place” in her heart. She was smart and a good student, O’Guinn said.

“She was a bright young woman, dynamic, intelligent, loving and caring,” said the mother of People magazine in Madison. “He had a great heart, always ready to help others.”

Reports of the girl’s death prompted relatives, friends and strangers to share a social media message to warn other parents and children of the dangers of mixing electronics and water.

“Please let your voice be heard and protect and educate your kids about the deadly dangers of electrocution,” the social media daily said, according to the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal.

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The 6 toughest questions for the next FBI director

The 6 toughest questions for the next FBI director

The 6 toughest questions for the next FBI director

Hristopher Wray is facing an incredible question of skeptics as he prepares to take on one of the most difficult tasks in Trump’s administration: when he drives his loyalty?

The FBI director’s cloud, James Comey, will grow in confirmation hearing to replace Wray Wednesday because perpetual assault revelations involve federal poll on potential collusion between Russia and Trump’s campaign.
“After Comey turned, as the president said, to stop the investigation in Russia, there are fundamental issues that need to be asked about any FBI director,” Senator Dick Durbin of the Illinois minority, a member of the Judicial Committee, said In an interview on Tuesday. “Where is the commitment? Do you have a commitment to the law or the president who chose it?

Wray, a lawyer and former head of the Department of Justice, can expect to receive questions about whether he can be sufficiently independent of President Donald Trump and how the delicate investigation that undermines the Republican administration and distracted Washington-led GOP will be conducted. Fulfilling his ambitious Program.

Here are six key questions that Wray would face during his hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday:

Is loyalty to the president who proposes?

Wray faces the same act of the tightrope balance another Trump chooses, including the judge of the Neil Gorsuch Supreme Court and Attorney General Jeff Sessions during his hearings: Trump demonstrate his independence without alienating.

But Wray, this question is even more dangerous in the circumstances in which Comey was returned. The former FBI director testified that Trump told him during a private dinner that “I need loyalty, I expect loyalty” – and Wray is likely to be pressured if he too faced a similar oath of allegiance.

“To be very frank, he was appointed by an administration that is being investigated for obstruction of justice,” said Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) Another member of the judiciary’s commission will burn Wray Wednesday.

“Why, why was he named, what was said, and what did the others say in the interviews that led to his appointment?

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These are the answers that will be closely followed not only by the Democrats on the committee, but also by the Republicans. Sen. Thom Tillis of North Carolina said that Wray’s ability to show the light of day the Trump administration will be “crucial.”

“The FBI is one of the most respected law enforcement agencies in history,” said Tillis, a member of the GOP committee. “And part of it is, they have – with some exceptions – proved to be very independent that I want ..”

Comey is correctly using Clinton e-mail probe?

Comey may be long gone, but it is expected to be a constant presence of its successor confirmation hearing.

After all, Trump initially based his decision to initiate the FBI chief because of his very public private mail server investigation process Hillary Clinton.

It may have been an unusual justification given “lock-up” songs that have become synonymous with mega-rallies of the Republican campaign of 2016 – but also touched a delicate issue within the office and through the Department of Justice.

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The Senate health bill is almost an orphan with few real supporters

The Senate health bill is almost an orphan with few real supporters

The Senate health bill is almost an orphan with few real supporters

The Senate has not authorized the proverb on the success of many parents, while failure is orphaned, but words often characterize how senators react to legislation struggling to gain approval.

On Tuesday, after a 90-minute meeting with his bench, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) began his weekly press conference on “the news of the day” – the difficult task to adopt A repeal medical care law, and replace parts of the Affordable Care Act.

For less than 25 seconds McConnell gave a basic update at the time of the legislation, it does not explain why the Republicans supported him and then went on for another minute to attack the Democrats in independent trouble.

That’s the way that Reconciliation Act went best attended since it was unveiled that there are almost three weeks.

In their public appearances, often in private sessions of the GOP, Republican Republican after emphasizing why they oppose the law, as it is written, hardly anyone taking care of defending an unpopular proposal first day.
The political talk shows Sunday included four senators, two, Sens Ted Cross (R-Tex.) And Bill Cassidy (R-La.) Have tried to sell changes in legislation they ask for before promising their support. A senator, John McCain (R-Ariz.) Said that “they will probably be dead” law.
Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) A predicted that the Republican bill to repeal Obamacare will probably fail in the Senate if it is put to a vote. (Reuters)
. Only Senator Lindsey O. Graham (.I-C.C.) En lent his approval to the bill – but even this was rather lukewarm at best. “I think this bill is better than Obamacare,” Graham said in NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

He was then monitored by saying he was not sure of spending a bipartisan effort and could be a good return for Republicans.

[A city in Kansas showing Republican fights with the health care bill]

Part of Republicans’ reluctance to directly promote their own health proposal is their uncertain future, their unpopularity in repeated public opinion polls and the feeling that they might die in the Senate in what will be a politically embarrassing defeat for a party that Has vowed to repeal the ACA, when Democrats have approved seven years ago.

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Special ops forces among 16 dead in Marine Corps plane crash

Special ops forces among 16 dead in Marine Corps plane crash

Special ops forces among 16 dead in Marine Corps plane crash

(CNN) – Seven of the service members who died in a military transport plane crash in Mississippi came from an elite Marine unit based in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, said the Marine Corps on Tuesday.

Nine other marines were killed in Orange County, New York, said Steve Neuhaus, the province’s chief executive. The KC-130T aircraft is based in New York, authorities said.
Investigators are trying to determine why the plane crashed in Leflore County, west of the Mississippi, Monday afternoon, said Major Andrew Aranda.

The transport plane, which carries fifteen sailors and the military corps of the Navy, was transporting personnel and the North Carolina crew to a Western base to train before deployment, said the Marine Corps.

Six Marines and Sailor were members of the 2nd Battalion Raider Marina, based at Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, North Carolina. They were part of the Marine Corps Forces, Special Operations Command and went to the Aviation Marine Infantry Station in Yuma, Arizona, for a pre-deployment training.

“The incredible demands of this dangerous and demanding requirement form some of the tightest units and family ties in the United States Army,” said Special Operations Command. “This affects us all loss.”

Neuhaus said the New York Marines will fly to Dover Air Force Base, then Orange County.

The names of the dead were not released immediately, but a parent of one of the Marines told the CNCA affiliate WCAX that his son was on the plane.
Father of dead marine: He loved to fly

Sergeant of artillery. Brendan Johnson was Vermont. His father told WCAX and CNN that his son loved his job.

“He loved to go to different places,” Kevin Johnson told his son, who spent 23 years in the Navy and was a master of the Navy. “He thought he was one of the best jobs in the navy. load.

Brendan Johnson, 45, plans to retire next year, after a career that has taken him to Europe, Africa, South Asia and the Pacific, including deployments in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“I was anxious to retire, said it was time for the children to do this,” said his father.

Report: wastes that are found throughout the area
The aircraft belonged to a tanker squadron and Marine Reserve transport base at Stewart Base National Air Guard in Newburgh, New York.

The aircraft, the military can be used to refuel planes in the air and cargo transport, descended in a rural area, next to the United States 82, about 85 miles north of Jackson, with remains found on both sides of the Highway, said the CNN subsidiary WDBD.

The theft comes from Marine Corps Air Station’s Cherry Point in eastern North Carolina.
Federal Aviation Administration officials contacted the Marines when the plane disappeared from the air traffic control radar in the Mississippi, officials said.

“All the resources we can extract from will allow us to determine what happened,” Aranda told reporters a few miles from the scene of the crash.

Because the aircraft was ammunition and small arms, explosive ammunition deactivation equipment was at the scene of the crash, military officials said.
“As a precautionary measure, we just wanted to make sure that people do not approach … just global security,” said Aranda.

The flames and black smoke are mounted a part of the wreckage of the plane in a field off the road, showed the video of the WDBD Monday.

Affiliates and CNN WDBD WHBQ, citing unnamed officials, reported that the plane had stopped in Memphis, Tennessee. Aranda did not confirm this by saying he did not know the details of the aircraft’s flight plan.

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‘Morning Joe’ co-host Joe Scarborough is leaving the Republican Party

‘Morning Joe’ co-host Joe Scarborough is leaving the Republican Party

‘Morning Joe’ co-host Joe Scarborough is leaving the Republican Party

Joe Scarborough, conservative co-host MSNBC political show “Morning Joe” left the Republican Party.

He made the announcement Tuesday night during a broadcast on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” alongside co-president Mika Brzezinski. A two-minute segment clip was swept into the Twitter account earlier in Tuesday’s show.

Scarborough started what he considered a complacent Republican party that did not want to oppose President Trump.

“One has to wonder, what is the Republican Party willing to do?” Scarborough said Colbert. “How far are they willing to go? What part of this country and our values ​​are willing to sell?”

“Do not you a Republican?” Asked Colbert.

“I’m a Republican, but I’m not going to be a Republican,” Scarborough told loudly applauding the audience. “I have to be independent.”

Scarborough and Brzezinski were attacked by President Trump and his administration in recent months for criticizing his driving skills and driving to the White House.

The two, who announced their engagement this spring, used to see Trump as a close friend, but he walked away from the president during his campaign.
Tension has increased in recent weeks when Brzezinski questioned Trump’s mental competence in a segment on his show. The President responded in a series of serious tweets, calling for co-chairs Psycho Joe ‘and’ Under-I. “P. Mika insane.” Trump also said that Brzezinski “bleeding a lot from a facelift” when he saw and Scarborough during a Short visit to Mar-a-Lago last year.

[President Trump anger angry of Joe’s morning hosts on Twitter]

In a comment, guests have written and posted in The Washington Post, called the president’s allegations false and offensive and said that “they have noticed a change in their behavior in recent years.”

“Maybe that’s why we were shocked by the president’s personal attack,” they wrote. “The Donald Trump who knew before the campaign was a bad character, but still seemed able to keep his worst instincts under control.”

In the segment of “Late Show” Scarborough and Brzezinski discussed their complicated relationship with the president and his intense aversion to “Morning Joe.”

Colbert asked the duo of the particular change they had seen in triumph since he announced his candidacy because, in “The Late Show,” the words, the business tycoon has always been a “main tool.”

“I knew it was a tool,” Brzezinski said, explaining that they believed Trump knew and controlled the game he was playing. Now Scarborough said, he is above the head.

Scarborough said the modern Republican Party was not “a party that Ronald Reagan could partner with” and that he does not want to want it. He told Colbert that he still believes in the fundamental values ​​of conservatism – lower taxes, a small government – but the silence of the party in Trump racism is unacceptable.

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