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‘Awesomesauce,’ proclaims US astronaut on historic spacewalk outside ISS

“This is the point of connection of the component in the air block itself provides energy, oxygen, cooling water and lines of communication members both the crew then proceeds to the expectation of their time, fresh oxygen pre- Breathable in the same air furrow, “said Rob Navias, NASA commentator.

But the spacewalk was allowed to go ahead because according to NASA procedures, astronauts can share a functional SCP.

Walk of the space “speed”

Space walks usually last around six-thirty, but Friday was “shortened” due to delayed start, and lasted four hours and 13 minutes, Navias said.

The pair has completed all major jobs planned for the day, except for some minor tasks, he said.

The main job was to replace the Express Carrier Avionics or ExPCA call box.

It weighs 200 pounds (91 kilograms) on Earth and transmits data and commands to experiences inside the space station, Navias said.

“He exposed thermal problems late, so he replaced,” he said.

Fischer’s enthusiasm for the beauty of the earth beneath him was evident throughout the path in space.

“Oh, they’re my favorites. Wow, they’re so blue,” added the innovator Spacewalker, who uses the nickname “2Fish”.

Whitson, who was space career in the ninth of his career, often heard Fischer’s exclamations laugh.

She holds the record for most space walked by a woman and ranks fifth for the largest number of hours spent in space by an astronaut, with 57 hours and 35 minutes.

When the space walk came to an end, Whitson said it was “incredible” to have completed the space walk number 200 of the station.

“It’s a great honor to work with all of you.”

Space walk story

The first part of the International Space Station – a Russian module – was launched in 1998, and the first space walk ever made at the station took place in December of this year.

Today, the 100 billion orbital laboratory is about the size of a football field and a symbol of global cooperation among the 15 nations that have contributed to the construction and operation.

The station revolves around the Earth at a height of about 250 miles (400 kilometers), circling the planet every 90 minutes at a speed of about 17,000 miles (28,000 kilometers) per hour.

NASA has experienced a number of problems with water leaks inside the helmets of astronauts even in 2013, when water began to fill the Italian helmet Luca Parmitano, which forces him to short circuit his space walk and To reintegrate to the urgency in the space laboratory.

Bulky white space suits for the age of NASA and the same models were used for four decades.

Despite the problems that delayed the start of the space walk today Navias said that the costumes were carried out “flawless” on leaving.

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Philippines Vice President Leni Robredo Visits Refugees Fleeing Fighting

Philippines Vice President Leni Robredo Visits Refugees Fleeing Fighting

Philippines Vice President Leni Robredo Visits Refugees Fleeing Fighting

BaloĆ­: The Vice President of the Philippines expressed hope today for the early end of an urban seat by Islamist rebels and offered support to the displaced civilian population during a visit normally carried out by a president without being seen in public for six days.

Leni Robredo’s tour of an evacuation center in BaloĆ­ for residents who escaped a month-long conflict in the nearby city of Marawi added to speculation about the health of President Rodrigo Duterte, 72, whose absence This month of public viewing is the longest since he took office a year ago.

Known for a public calendar and marathon speeches several times a day, Duterte’s disappearance during the worst crisis of his presidency will add to the frequent rumors that he is in poor health, denying his office.

Robredo made no mention of Duterte during his visit when he said he hoped that the lives of some 250,000 people displaced by fighting between troops and rebels allied with the ISIS group could soon return to normal.

“We hope the fight will end soon so that people can return to their respective homes,” he told reporters. “The Government has done everything possible. We can only hope that this will end soon.”

Spokesman Duterte did not respond to a request for comment on his long absence.

Salvador Panelo, Duterte’s old friend and his lead lawyer, said the president was also “strong as a bull” and participate in a public event and will meet cabinet members Tuesday.

Duterte was last seen on June 20 in two cities of Marawi, when he met with soldiers and evacuated. This followed an absence of three days after a speech in which he declared that his health was “irrelevant” amidst high brows for his failure to appear in public for Independence Day on June 12

His office said he was tired, and his help Christopher “Bong” Go June 15 pictures published in social media documents Duterte signing and was in front of a television showing a newsletter.
The fighting resumed today in Marawi, a day after a unilateral ceasefire declared by the army for eight hours to mark the Islamic feast of Eid al-Fitr and seek to rescue civilians trapped in the conflict zone.

Air strikes and shots took place earlier in the day and the military said they believed Maute group insurgents, after a fifth week of clashes with the internal struggles among the remaining leaders.

Resilience and the level of organization of Maute Group and its affiliates have caused dismay in the region as to the extent to which the ISIS extremist agenda was able to gain its advantage in the southern Philippines, a more familiar area with banditry and separatism Than the radical ideology.

Duterte had warned that it was only a matter of time before there was contamination by ISIS.

The battle for Marawi killed 70 soldiers, 27 civilians and 290 militants, according to official figures.

The flight of residents and some local disaster officials estimated that many more civilians were killed when they were trapped in areas struck by artillery and air strikes and were infested with automatic Maute shooters. Witnesses said they had seen bodies in the streets for days, some of them decompose.

The army said it was worried about reports of the possible loss of hostages or prisoners forced to take up arms against government troops.

Spokesman Jo-Ar Herrera said soldiers had agreed to finish work and save residents, of whom 13 were rescued on Sunday.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the White House late Monday.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the White House late Monday.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the White House late Monday.

“A True Friend” – which is how President Donald Trump has described India when he received Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the White House late Monday. The two leaders a little over four hours – including the first working dinner Trump with a head of state – discuss a number of issues, including trade and terrorism.

After their individual meeting, the two leaders issued a joint statement in the rose garden, but, as previously decided, no questions were asked by the media.

Here’s a summary of what happened during the meeting between the two “Modi-Trump” social media leaders:
How long have Trump and Modi found that?
The two leaders spent a little less than five hours together – discussing a number of issues. The meeting began with a 20-minute meeting between the two leaders, followed by delegation-level discussions between representatives of the two countries.

Modi and Trump then issued a statement at the Rose Garden. After that, the two delegations took a 30-minute break cocktail – hosted by Vice President Mike Pence.

They then sat down for a “work dinner” – the first for the Trump administration – which lasted about an hour. The Indian delegation later left their hotel.

What did the two leaders discuss during the meeting?
Trade and terrorism were the two key points of the meeting. But there were many more. In the joint statement issued, the two countries also discussed the strengthening of energy strategies.

Although there is no explicit mention of the Paris climate agreement, leaders called for a rational approach that balances environmental and climate policy, global economic development and the need for energy security.

A key issue for India, which was not mentioned in the joint statement was the H1-B visas. It was not immediately known whether or not Trump and Modi raised the issue.

Modi modi Trump meets with Trump: Modi’s Prime Minister and President Donald Trump arrived to replace the joint press statement at the White House in Washington.

As for terrorism, both countries reiterated their demands that Pakistan must ensure that its territory is not used to protect terrorists and launch terrorist attacks in the region. “Our two nations have been affected by the evils of terrorism, both of which are determined to destroy terrorist organizations and the radical ideology that drives them.

We are going to destroy radical Islamic terrorism, “Trump said in his statement to the press. Modi reiterated India’s concern about terrorism in the Indo-Pacific region.

“The fight against terrorism and eliminate safe shelters, sanctuaries and shelters will be an important part of our cooperation,” said Mr. Modi.

The two countries of the joint statement specifically mentioned cases of cross-border terrorism, calling on Pakistan to bring to justice “the perpetrators of the Mumbai attacks 26/11, Pathankot and other cross-border terrorist attacks by the Pakistan Groups.” More information can be obtained here.

As for trade, Trump said he would like it to be “fair and reciprocal,” hoping that the trade deficit with India will reach nearly 31 billion today. “It’s important that the barriers are removed for export of US products in their markets and we are reducing our trade deficit with their country,” Trump said.

Trump also welcomed the Spicejet airline order in India of around 205 Boeing aircraft worth up to $ 22 billion that founder Ajay Singh, the airline’s co-founder, will secure up to 132,000 jobs in United States.

Leaders also expect the fiscal reforms put in place by the two “unlock” huge economic opportunities countries.

Modi said India will continue to strengthen the existing business and manufacturing partnership that the two countries share, something Modi says has been beneficial to both countries.

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Carcass of mysterious creature discovered on Indonesia beach

People living near the beach on the island of Hulung Serum in Indonesia were shocked when they discovered a “giant corpse” of a mysterious animal came to shore, on 10 May. According to the information, the body was first seen by Asrul Tuanakota, 37, who also recorded several A videos and downloaded online.
A message from a Facebook Mbs Sangadji said “giant squid discovered by Asrul Tuanakota May 10, 2017, 09:00 EST The giant squid was blocked off the coast of Hulung Village, Kec Iha Huamual Kab Seram Bagian Barat … Maluku. This giant squid that measures 22 meters long, 4 m wide and weighs about 35 tonnes. It is expected that there will be research done by an institution or an associated university of the cause of the death of this giant creature.

According to residents, the creature began to “disintegrate” into the water making it red. This can also be seen in uploaded online videos. Reports also suggest that the creature was 15 meters long and weighed about 35 tons.

Although people have thought the creature could be a giant squid and a sperm, initial research suggests that it is a whale, as reported by Mashable. “[Base] in the images and videos, advanced state of decomposition is not possible to determine whether there is a humpback whale or not,” said Mashable Marcus Chua, the official museum of natural history museum Lee Kong Chian.
The giant shell of an unidentified sea creature disappeared on an island in Indonesia.

Asrul Tuanakota discovered the 15-meter-long Hulung beach body on Seram Island, and was initially thought to be a shipping container for washing or shipping.

The researchers found that the creature had died for at least three days before its arrival on the shore and the fact of blood surrounding red water, the Jakarta Globe newspaper reported.

Tourists immediately went to the beach to see the dead body, while police tried to approach the area.

Indonesia’s management of marine and coastal resources said it was likely that the corpse belonged to a humpback whale, although others have said it was more like a giant squid. The cause of his death has not yet been confirmed.

Residents of the island of Seram called on the national government to help eliminate and identify the remains of the creature when it had begun to deteriorate.

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